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Verona Hannover

TransFER Verona–Hannover

Our high-frequency direct connection with five round trips a week between Verona and Hannover guarantees efficient transport services between Northern Italy and the Terminal of Hannover and keeps the flow of goods moving across the continent.

We are expanding our network over the Brenner further and making a significant contribution to relieving the burden of transit traffic on Tyrol with our TransFER Verona–Hannover. This non-stop connection plays an important role in driving forward the modal shift to eco-friendly rail and protecting the environment. Six round trips per week facilitate the fast flow of goods between Italy and Germany with direct connections to the Rail Terminal Hannover-Leinetor.

Your benefits

  • Direct connection from Verona to Hannover and v.v.
  • Fixed timetable
  • Attractive transit times

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Customer Service / Booking
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Markus Redl
TransFER Manager
+43 664 6178516
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Rafi Papo
Segment Manager Continental
+43 664 6174055
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