CDP Rating: B for the RCG

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) significantly improves its environmental score in one of the world's most well-known and important ratings.

The CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project – is a non-profit organisation which rates companies, cities, regions, and countries according to their environmental transparency and environmental measures. The rating is considered the gold standard of environmental reporting around the world. CDP data is used by investors, companies, policymakers, academics, and the media to learn about companies' climate-related data and strategies.

The CDP aims to encourage companies and local authorities to disclose their environmental data, such as harmful greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. The CDP collects data and information that are crucial for the assessment via questionnaires that are completed voluntarily.

From C to B

In its role as a sustainable logistics backbone of the European economy, RCG has once again completed the questionnaire and submitted all climate-relevant figures to the CDP – this time the full comprehensive and detailed version. Last time the RCG participated, it achieved a respectable C rating, which has now been increased to a good B rating. This was in turn due to significant increases in the areas assessed, e.g. in the categories of Governance as well as Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions and Verification (A rating) and Risk Management Processes (A- rating).

From B to...?

The B rating is a respectable result and shows that we are on the right track. It is our aim, however, to become even better in the other areas covered by the questionnaire and to submit even more data in order to achieve an even better rating – and to always do so with climate targets in mind.