EcoVadis: another “Gold”!

EcoVadis has now evaluated our activities – which are in harmony with the environment and society – for the fourth time and awarded us CSR "Gold" status.

... because we care

The evaluation by EcoVadis, an international rating platform that now rates more than 90,000 companies on corporate social responsibility (CSR), looked at issues relating to the environment, labour and human rights issues, corporate ethics and sustainable procurement. The "Gold" rating means that ÖBB Rail Cargo Group is among the top 1% of all railway companies that have been assessed.

We are staying ahead of the game and getting recognition for it!

Our CO2 emission calculation tool for customers and the way in which we have developed it, the upgrading of our freight wagons with quiet brake pads and our wide range of training programmes proved particularly impressive. We also scored highly when it came to working conditions, with our extensive range of health and diversity offers, as well as measures aimed at achieving a better work-life balance, such as flexible working hours, teleworking/working from home and leisure activities. Our comprehensive worker protection and health programmes as well as our anti-corruption training, performance partner evaluation and our registration modalities in our online portal were all highlighted.