EcoVadis: Gold for ÖBB RCG!

The work we do is in harmony with society and the environment. This is the third time EcoVadis has evaluated our activities, and they’ve awarded us CSR "Gold" status. This puts us in the top 1% of all the railway companies that were assessed.

As one of the leading rail logistics companies in Europe, our business model is intrinsically sustainable. After all, the more goods we transport by rail, the less we pollute the environment. The modal shift to rail is the most important tool we have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We honour our responsibility by investing in safety, flexible rail logistics and a wide range of measures above and beyond mobility. We even go one step further by selecting our business partners using criteria that ensure they not only support our corporate philosophy, but also focus on the same values.

... because we care

Our responsible approach has now been awarded "Gold" status by EcoVadis, the international rating platform that has ranked more than 75,000 companies for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The assessment took into account environmental, labour and human rights issues, business ethics and sustainable procurement. In this third assessment, we were able to improve from "Silver" to "Gold" status! This has placed us in the top 1% assessed by EcoVadis in the rail transport sector. We’re right on track and we’ve getting credit for our hard work!

Our CO2 emissions calculator for customers and its development, the work we’re doing to retrofit our freight wagons with quiet brake pads plus our wide range of training programmes received special recognition. We also scored highly when it came to working conditions, with our extensive range of health and diversity benefits, as well as measures aimed at achieving a better work-life balance, such as flexible working hours, telework / home office and leisure activities. Our comprehensive occupational health and safety programmes as well as our anti-corruption training, service partner evaluations and our registration modalities in our online portal were all praised.