RCG continues to make storage sites climate-neutral in 2023

Storage sites in Lenzing and Vienna Freudenau offset residual emissions through sustainable climate protection projects.

The Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has always been committed to climate protection. This primarily concerns the continuous modal shift to rail, but is also evident in many other projects. The best example: Since the end of 2021, RCG has been offsetting emissions at its storage sites in Lenzing and Vienna Freudenau. This now means that two out of three locations in Austria are climate-neutral.  

Three steps towards a better climate

RCG records the total greenhouse gas emissions for the Lenzing and Vienna Freudenau sites and thus all Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions. This means that not only fleet and heating gas emissions (Scope 1) are documented, but also indirect emissions from purchased energy, such as electricity and district heating (Scope 2), as well as emissions caused by the travel of RCG employees or by company waste and office paper (Scope 3).

RCG continuously reduces all these emissions and additionally offsets unavoidable emissions through climate protection projects. The emissions are offset by investments in concrete climate protection projects by ClimatePartner. The RCG storage site in Lenzing, for example, supports a wind energy project in Bandirma, Turkey, while the site in Freudenau is committed to regional nature conservation in the Karwendel Nature Park. Since the end of 2021, 780,420 kg of CO2 and thus all emissions for 2020 and 2021 have already been offset.

RCG on track towards climate neutrality

Both sites - Lenzing and Wien Freudenau - now bear the "climate neutral" label, which is independently awarded. The offsetting is transparent and traceable via the ID number and tracking URL. This process is audited annually by TÜV-Austria. Besides the avoidance and reduction of greenhouse gases, offsetting is an important step in holistic climate protection. RCG, as the leading rail logistics company in Europe, is thus committed to sustainability at all levels.