The Accessories

Safety is our top priority. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to keeping your goods safe: lashing straps, tarpaulins, ropes, spare parts for securing loads, pallets, pallet collars and signs such as hazard warning panels.


Whether it’s with tension belts or rail ratchet tie-downs. We stop at nothing when it comes to keeping your goods safe – metal, wood, building materials, stone, agricultural products, paper, vehicles, boats, barrels or pallets.


Ropes are used to form loading units and secure stone blocks and these hold your goods together.


We use regulation standard tarpaulins for goods that need to be shielded from adverse weather and strong gusts of wind.


Chocks are essential load restraints for transporting wood, vehicles, paper, pipes (metal and plastic) and bundles of wire. Chocks keep them all in place.

Big Bags

Big Bags are flexible bulk containers. Big Bags are often used in disposal engineering for light waste materials like paper and fabric remnants. Big Bags are being increasingly used as packaging for different kinds of bulk cargo like wood pellets, almonds, cocoa beans and plastic resin, and to transport construction materials (sand, gravel, grit, paving stones etc.). Seeds (corn, cereals, potatoes) are also being transported in Big Bags more and more.


Flexi-tanks are robust, bag-shaped containers made of rubber or polypropylene fibres. Flexi-tanks are good value for money compared to solid tanks and they can be folded together when empty and stored in a way that saves space. This makes it possible to store and transport liquids (both chemical materials and food products) that do not fall under the dangerous goods category.


It would be almost impossible to transport consumer goods like groceries, drinks, electrical appliances and animal feed without using pallets. However, they are also used for handling goods, and act as spare parts for storage. Moreover, we are a licensor of UIC/EUR pallets.


Stillages are used to protect or to stack dispatch items and stock items that do not have any protective outer packaging (for transport) like engines, finished parts and fittings. They have a high payload, are stable and storable.