The Configuration

Each type of freight has its own special transport needs. We find the right vehicle configurations that deliver your goods properly and efficiently.


Our ISO-standard intermodal containers can be used for all modes of transport (rail, truck, ship), which makes them the ideal transport container for combined transport. They facilitate loading / unloading as well as enclosed transport chains between the transport carriers, which means the goods do not need to be reloaded.

Swap body

Our swap bodies are exchangeable load carriers that can be separated from the carrier vehicle like a container. Swap bodies come in different shapes e.g. as flatbeds, steel truck bodies, refrigerated and dry freight truck bodies. Unlike normal containers, they can also be placed on suitable surfaces and stand on their own.


You can avail of trailers that have a high payload with our lightweight semi-trailers. Motorless trailers with an extensive loading / unloading platform enable the efficient transport of your goods.


A hydraulic lifting device on the MOBILER vehicle enables the fast and straightforward handling of our MOBILER containers between HGV and wagon – without needing a crane or your own industrial siding. This means the entire supply chain is taken care of with customised, end-to-end logistics solutions – and this applies to a whole range of goods like industrial goods, palletised goods, liquids and dangerous goods in tank containers, bulk goods und building materials as well as organic animal feed.

Tank container

We transport liquid and gas mass goods in tank containers. They are primarily used for transporting chemicals and dangerous goods as well as food products. The exterior dimensions of tank containers comply with ISO standards and this means they can also be used for combined transport (i.e. road, rail, sea).

TransANT superstructures

Industry-specific structures enable optimized logistics solutions: The flat box is perfect for transporting timber logs, the cover box is for long pieces of freight that have to be transported in weather-proof containers e.g. steel bars or pipes, the multi box is best suited for scrap and sugar beet, and the bulk box is used for transporting ore.