Industrial sidings

With our industrial sidings service, which we offer in Austria and Hungary, we make a significant contribution to the transportation of goods in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner without changing the mode of transport.

An industrial siding opens up a company's direct access to the public rail network and, therefore, to efficient rail freight transport. As a result, goods can be transported directly in door-to-door transport without changing the mode of transport: punctually, reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner. Expanding the entire logistics chain opens up an optimal connection to the most important European ports and terminals as well as industrial and economic centres.

Your advantages

  • End-to-end logistics solutions without changing the mode of transport
  • Development and implementation of industrial sidings projects
  • Services related to facilities and infrastructure (Section 19 AB factory inspections, Section 19a appraisals for railway authorities, support and/or organisation of facility maintenance and repair)
  • Maintenance and repair activities of your industrial siding
  • Accident and incident management

Your specialists for industrial sidings in Austria