Our Extras make sure your transport is extra safe and sound. We can also take care of weighing and cleaning containers, we can take over customs clearance and arrange the appropriate insurance on request.


Our customers’ satisfaction and their confidence in us are the foundation of our success. Our quality management ensures the highest standards, and this is clear from the large number of certifications we have been accredited with.

ISO, DIN, ECM and SQAS are not mere abbreviations for us. They are prerequisites for our customer’s satisfaction and their confidence in us. This is why we have been accredited with a range of certifications for our processes with our customers and suppliers, for our complaints and grievance management, our achievements in the chemical sector and, in particular, our contribution to protecting the climate and the environment.

The safety of people and goods is our top priority, so our certifications also cover food and animal feed safety, our fleet maintenance management, our safety management systems, and most importantly, the safety of our staff.

Here you can find the complete overview of our certifications as well as the country-specific certificates of all the RCG subsidiaries:

Management systems

CO2 calculations

Every piece of freight that’s transported by rail not only protects the climate, but also produces much less CO2 than road transport. We use the EcoTransIT World tool to calculate the just how much your transport helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Together with our partners and customers, our rail freight transport services that run in and through Austria avoid 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. On average, the CO2 emissions produced by every rail freight shipment are about 2.5 tonnes less than road transport.

Every tonne counts

To calculate how many tonnes of CO2 you avoid with your rail transport, we use the EcoTransIT World tool to calculate the energy consumption and environmental emissions of individual shipments based on route-specific RCG data. The scientifically based methodology behind it calculates the energy consumption and emissions of the corresponding supply chain.

The method

The EcoTransIT World software determines the energy consumption and emissions of each consignment according to the tonnage transported and the energy source used on the respective route section (including upstream and downstream processes, i.e. production and use), the route length, freight allocation, load level and the number of empty runs of the wagons used.

The basis for our emission calculations is provided by a database containing emission factors for different modes of transport, country-specific energy mixes and vehicle consumption curves in combination with the transport parameters – which are provided by the RCG production systems. The more customer-specific transport information is included in the calculation, the more detailed the calculation result is.


Transport insurance

At the Rail Cargo Group, the safety of people and goods is of top priority. We offer customised transport insurance for your goods at rates for key-account customers.

When it comes to your goods, we leave nothing to chance. No matter what kind of goods you have, we make sure that they get delivered safe and sound. Our experts never take their eyes off the goods throughout the entire journey and use all their knowledge and expertise to ensure that the shipments run smoothly.


  • Key-account customer rates
  • Coverage of the entire shipment including loading and unloading, transshipment and temporary storage
  • Door-to-door and worldwide
  • Compensation for the full value of the goods in the event of loss or damage
  • Quick claims settlements
  • Payment in advance, even before settlement with the at-fault party