Conversion of vgVV (sCtp) to NCTS Phase 5

Paper will gradually be replaced by electronic procedures.

The introduction of the Union Customs Code on 1 May 2016 marked the EU's decision to fully digitalise (automate) customs procedures and formalities. Paper procedures will be gradually replaced by electronic procedures by 2025 in accordance with a conversion plan.
This affects the simplified Common transit procedure by rail (vgVV), where the CIM consignment note is the customs document. The vgVV is gradually being replaced by the electronically conducted standard transit procedure in the NCTS Phase 5 version.  
The vgVV is to be replaced in all EU Member States as well as in the countries of the Common Transit Convention at different times in accordance with the implementation plan and converted to the new digital NCTS Phase 5 system. This change requires, among other measures, a precise declaration of the positions of the respective goods and leads to increased administrative requirements.   RCG is actively preparing for these changes and is looking for solutions to ensure a smooth transition for this change in the customs clearance process. The RCG customs experts support the customers on solutions in the transition phase and further information on NCTS Phase 5.

You can find all the information in detail here.