Customer satisfaction went up in 2020

As part of this year’s survey, we asked our customers how satisfied they are with our services. We’ve been able to raise satisfaction levels even more since the last survey.

From 2nd July to 24th August 2020, RCG customers from over 20 different countries took part in our customer satisfaction survey. The topics ranged from general factors that influence satisfaction and potential areas of improvement to perceptions of our COVID-19 crisis management to date. The topic of sustainability also featured in the survey.

4% increase in satisfaction levels

Our customer satisfaction levels have gone up even more since the last survey that was carried out in 2018. The good long-standing business relationships we enjoy with our customers, the quality of our customer support, which is down to our staffs’ expertise, and our reliable order handling, were key. What’s more, our crisis management in this challenging year was an important reason for our customers’ high satisfaction levels. Our staff were highly commended for how they have handled the situation.

We want to thank you for your confidence in us and will continue to stand by you – now and in the future!