LINZ AG shifts large volumes onto the railways

The new TransFER system for LINZ AG that uses innovative, multimodal MOBILER logistics is an excellent example of the successful implementation of the Waste Management Act in Austria.

As a company providing services to the general public, LINZ AG is involved in the fields of energy, telecommunications, transport and communal services. It serves Linz and a further 116 municipalities in Upper Austria. In the field of waste management (LINZ AG ABFALL), the company is already a long-standing customer of the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG). Now – in line with the Waste Management Act – a new TransFER system has been developed. Since the beginning of the year, RCG has been transporting an annual volume of 7,500 additional tonnes of municipal waste from Graz to Linz using innovative MOBILER logistics.

Multimodal end-to-end logistics solution

In order to meet the most diverse customer needs, the logistics professionals at RCG design customised solutions for any transport requirement. A new type of trestle has been developed specifically for the new TransFER. The MOBILER truck places the empty containers on the trestle. The containers are then filled. The truck is no longer needed during this step – in this way, RCG guarantees optimum use of resources. When full, the containers are collected by the MOBILER truck and taken to Graz Ost station, where they are transferred to the wagons of the RCG trains, which then continue to Linz. The MOBILER truck returns to the Graz Holding site with new empty containers. After an environmentally aware journey by rail, the MOBILER containers are unloaded at the LINZ AG site and emptied to the rear. Previously, all these steps were carried out by trucks. This new sustainable logistics solution results in an annual saving of 315 truck journeys*.

Innovative MOBILER logistics

The innovative transport logistics of MOBILER combines the advantages of the environmentally friendly railway and flexible road freight transport into one system. A hydraulic lifting device on the MOBILER vehicle enables fast, straightforward handling of MOBILER containers between the truck and the wagon – without a crane or industrial sidings.

Waste management act

As of 1 January 2023, the new Austrian waste management act (in German “AWG”, short for “Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz”) requires waste loads with a total weight of more than 10 tonnes to be transported by rail if the distance exceeds 300 km. From 1 January 2024, such waste loads will have to be transported by rail for distances of 200 km or more, and from 1 January 2026 for distances of 100 km or more. In total, there is potential for around 15 million tonnes of waste to be transported by rail in Austria.

*Assuming 23 tonnes is transported in each truck