An overview of our digital services

A summary of MIKE, the digital logistics platform, e-frachtbrief@, data exchange and interface solutions.

In order to make rail freight transport as straightforward as possible, customers need bespoke, simple and speedy solutions. The level of complexity is particularly high in international rail freight transport. As the leading rail logistics provider in Europe, the Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is the logistical backbone of the economy and therefore has a responsibility to offer efficient solutions to promote the transition to rail and with it the decarbonisation of the transport sector. Digital services open up major opportunities in this respect.

Our current digital customer services are summarised here in 13 languages. This information will provide customers and interested parties with everything they need to know about MIKE, the digital logistics platform, the e-frachtbrief@ and data exchange and interface solutions. The assignment of MIKE features to processes – such as booking & ordering or processing – creates easily traceable links between processes and the functionalities offered.

Digitisation as a game changer

In order to facilitate easy access to the rail system, RCG has been working intensively on digitising the company since 2017. MIKE, the digital logistics platform, is at the centre of this proces and already supports many customers with digital services such as shipment tracking, empty wagon ordering and consignment note entry with its tracking, ordering and capacity planning functionalities. Our platform services are constantly being developed further.

MIKE & e-Services