Digital block train orders enter pilot phase

The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) takes the next step towards digital railway logistics with Omya and Rohrdorfer. They are the first pilot customers who are actively testing the new “block train ordering” service as live in MIKE.

MIKE, RCG’s digital assistant, provides digital goods transport service for customers, partners and employees that make handling transport simpler, more efficient and more transparent – from the transport request right through to invoicing. MIKE is being continuously developed: In this case, customers are on board within an agile working environment from the very beginning – from design to rollout. 

A current and successful example of such agile cooperation is the pilot phase for block train ordering: Customers Omya and Rohrdorfer, along with the logistics and digitalisation experts at RCG as well as the partner agency Sclable, have been working on a concept, obtained mutual feedback and developed the new service in accordance with customer needs and processes: and now the block train ordering module is live in the pilot phase for both customers. 

Greater transparency, more time

The new service makes clear coordination between RCG and its customers even simpler: All stakeholders can see and check the current status of their scheduled trains at any time, whilst commercial order data can be amended in no time. This provides many advantages such as fewer agreements via e-mail or phone if a train has to be amended or cancelled. Information is proactively provided instead. Furthermore, MIKE provides a single central channel showing weekly schedules, cancellations and amendments to scheduled trains at a glance. Customers and partners work on the same data basis – so there is no need for endless Excel lists and laborious agreements.

MIKE is being continuously developed

Additional services, e.g. ad hoc ordering of trains, will be designed and developed with other pilot customers over the coming months. In addition, the block train order option will be rolled out as a new service in MIKE for more customers. Heading into the digital future of rail freight transport, step by step.

About Rohrdorfer and Omya

Rohrdorfer is the market leader in Austria in the concrete sector as well as for aggregates such as sand, gravel and grit. And Omya GmbH is the leading provider of industrial minerals based on calcium carbonate and dolomite.